Acidity Re-Balancing Tonic
  • Fresh, delicate lotion makes all skin types feel comfort and firmness after cleansing. The uses of pure distillates of Witch Hazel and Rose, further tones and revitalizes the skin, while respecting the skin's natural hydro lipid equilibrium. The soft and delicate fragrant, leaving the skin feel fresh and brighten, and simultaneously relieve the muscle tension and emotional stress. Perfectly tolerated even by the most sensitive and irritable skin.


  • Vegetable glycerin, native marine collagen, extract of Indian pennywort, extract of hops, rose water, witch hazel water


  • Apply Acidity Re-Balancing Tonic with a cotton pad / spray on the entire face after cleansing. Using gentle strokes, to tone, refresh and prepare the skin for subsequent care products in the best possible way.


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