Pure Complex
  • This concentrate was developed especially to balance, purify and eliminate the blemishes typical of mixed and oily skin. It is recommended for use at home any time the skin is impure, oily, or asphyxia and, in any case, during the change of the seasons or, professionally, as a shock treatment to obtain a distinct dermo-purifying effect and renormalize the activity of the sebum glands. A refreshing and energizing concentrate due to the presence of Mint water and Elder extract. Its strong point is a particular Azelaic Acid Derivative in addition to the Sage extract, known for their antiseptic, purifying, and astringent properties. We also find a Bioactive Silicon Compound with Vitamin C, a guarantee that the face is moisturized and silky all day long.


  • Water Mint, Derovative of azelaic acid, Elderberry extract, Sage extract, Derived Bioactive silicon with Vitamin C, Essential Oil of Lavender, Essential oil of Thyme, Sorbitol


  • Shake before use. Massage onto clean, dry skin. Pure Complex can be used in combination with other products to reinforce it effectiveness.


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