Blackhead Stop
  • Exclusive exfoliating and purifying product with thermal activity that specially developed for the deep cleaning of blackheads, epecially on the T-zone area. It frees obstructed pores from bothersome blackheads and forcefully removes the impurities of dead cells, letting the skin breathe once again. In the formula, in addition to Shea Butter, there is also a blend of extremely pure essential oils that provide distinct antiseptic action. This precious scrub eliminates the need to “squeeze” small blackheads as it dissolves the “hard” part that obstructs the pores and dilates them to facilitate the elimination of the blackhead. Used before shaving, it also prevents the formation of ingrown hairs.



  • Phytoestraxt of Arnica e Ivy, Microgranolous, Essential oil of cinnamon, Essential oil of camphor, Silica, Sorbitol, Karite butter, Vegetal Glycerin


  • after cleansing, apply the product on the damp face and massage with circular movements for around two or three minutes, avoiding the eye contour. Rinse away with abundant water. It is recommended that the product be uses in the evening, before going to bed.


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